Peachtree Lighting MRI System Optimizes Comfort, Control, and Costs

Peachtree Lighting understands that healthcare facilities, and especially diagnostic radiology and imaging suites, have unique and specialized needs. Our entire line of MRI lighting products are design to work together to create a complete lighting system that provides an energy-efficient illumination, a comfortable atmosphere, and optimum visibility for patients and staff.

Our MRI luminaires include 4-inch and 6-inch LED downlights as open rounds, squares, wall washes and adjustables. In addition, we offer compatible wall sconces to enable lighting levels that are ideal for patient comfort during the procedure.

Out system includes remote drivers and room filter panels that keep all magnetic materials out of the treatment room and prevent electromagnetic interference that can affect test results.



Download Design Guide

Peachtree design guide for MRI lighting suites provides product info and sample layouts.



The complete Peachtree Lighting MRI system includes everything you need to design and operate an imaging suite that helps improve caregiver performance and optimize the patient experience.